Now that you’ve found a rich single man dating site, you might wonder what you have to do to get a guy’s attention.  More importantly, how can you create a relationship with a true emotional connection, rather than just dating for fun?  Online dating is tricky sometimes.  It’s easy to flirt, it’s easy to share a romantic or funny moment together through chat or email.  But the whole point of intimacy is to find that safe and comfortable zone with your crush in person.  How can you find success in online dating?  Do rich guys act differently than regular guys from Facebook or Craigslist?

  1. It’s not enough to find a match.  Plan to be his perfect match!

You can’t coast through an online relationship with a wealthy man, expecting him to instantly fall in love with you just because you’re female.  Rich men are more selective.  They want a “high value” woman, someone active, a world traveler, or at least someone who is intelligent and adept at conversation.

You must also figure out what qualities are important to him and then PROJECT those qualities.  Don’t tell him you’re his perfect match, show him, by demonstrating the skills and personality quirks that he wants in a mate.

  1. Be willing to meet him in person as soon as he is serious about it.  

The best-case scenario for online dating is that you establish rapport online, (and perhaps even become emotionally bonded through words), but then take it out to the real world.  He must see that you’re still the same amazing person he bonded with online and that you’re not afraid to meet one on one and show the same personality – with a beautiful face.

On the other hand, if he can’t afford the time to meet right away, be patient with him.  Let him lead in the relationship and don’t be pushy.  Be willing to meet when he puts forth the effort to set a date.

  1. Think twice about what photos you use.

Men are picky when it comes to photos – especially any that paint you in a negative light.  Millionaire men are not impressed by selfies.  They make you look vain.  Think more about professional photos, or activity photos.

  1. Talk to MORE men, not fewer.

While it would be nice if you could meet one rich guy and reel him in with your charm, understand that dating is also a game of averages.  You must talk to several rich men if you want to find your ideal match.  Meet more men so that you can (A) get more experience in dating conversation and (B) find out firsthand what qualities matter to you the most.  You also have to be firm about “deal breakers” and end the date if his behavior violates your standards.  Maintaining high standards is paramount if you’re serious about becoming a high-value woman who ATTRACTS rich men.

Online dating is an art, not a science.  You do have the freedom to improvise and develop a unique relationship with the guy you like.  Just the same though, remember your goals in online dating.  You want to pursue a relationship in the real world, and yet bring the same intimacy that you experienced online, face to face with him.  Rich men want to be respected but also understood by their soul mate.  That’s where you come in!  You can learn more by following us