One of the most complicated phases in rich men dating is keeping them entertained and engaged in conversation.  Let’s face it, if you fall short in the “interesting” category, a rich guy will usually friend-zone you, or perhaps never call you again.  That means it’s imperative that you come up with an idea for a fun date.

What makes a fun date?  More to the point, what makes a fun date for a rich men who probably has his choice of beautiful women?  Let’s discuss some fun things for couples to do that would be ideal for a first date, second date, or even just a fun date after the relationship begins.

  1. Ditch the dinner and movie and instead go explore a state park.

Do something active instead of sedentary.  Any date with light physical exercise, such as hiking, touring a state park, or even rock climbing (if that’s what he likes) would be memorable.

  1. If you want to eat, opt for the restaurant tour.

Go eat a multi-course meal at different restaurants throughout the night.  Or if you want to limit the location to one, choose an ethnic food completely new to the both of you.

  1. Visit a museum and spend more time talking, less time watching.

Movies and spectator sports limit conversation.  The goal is to spend more time talking and getting to know each other, which emotionally engages him.

  1. Instead of Netflix and chill, play a board game.

Netflix and chill is cool if you want dinner and a snuggle.  But if you’re still in the early dating stages, choose a more sociable activity that lets you both feel relaxed and open in conversation.  Less formal, a board game is a great way to break the ice.

  1. Go sightsee in your city or another nearby city.

Get out of your comfort zone.  Go visit a festival or live event about a hour out of the way just so you could say you saw something new and exciting!

  1. Go to an amateur night event.

Look for local talent shows and either compete (with your unique talent) or support other people who are brave enough to put themselves out there.

  1. Attend a local charity event and show your activist side.

Rich guys love charity events, so why not get on his good side by inviting him to a local benefit that’s for a good cause?

  1. Think scary!

Go for a ghost tour, a roller coaster ride, a haunted house, or something spooky at dusk.  Getting positive emotions involved makes all the difference.

As you can see, fun experiences and good conversation are what make a date a success.  All sex and no “play” is not as much fun.  Business talk is boring.  If you want a wealthy man to remember you, make your date fun.  Keep him guessing and make him want more.  That’s the positive “projection” that will keep him coming back.  Come join us for more tips on rich dating at