Have you tried to find a successful, wealthy and good-looking guy…only to discover that your date was a total con artist?  Maybe it’s time to stop taking guys at their word, that they’re the next billionaire playboy, and instead look for rich men where rich men are actually found!  As you probably know by now, finding a rich man is all about location.  After finding an appropriate city, it’s time to strategize and figure out what rich men actually want from you.  You might be surprised to learn what they’re looking for in a woman, versus what everyone thinks they want.


  1. You are not dating to see what happens.  You are on a mission to learn what they want in a woman and then become that woman.

And it’s far better if you actually ARE that woman they want, rather than faking it.  Successful men want women who project high value, who are confident and successful in life, and who have a similar lifestyle to a millionaire.  (Regardless of whether you are a million, you must BE that woman in personality and action)

  1. You’re not in love with their money, you’re in love with the man who earns that money.

Money comes and goes but a man of high-value will always work hard and be successful in life.  That’s what you’re attracted to and he must sense that.  Focus on emotionally engaging him and in becoming his friend.  He doesn’t want a sugar baby or a “slave” who agrees with him in everything.  He wants someone who understands him and who has similar values and goals in life.

  1. Make his lifestyle your lifestyle, even before you meet him.

If you know you’re going to end up going to charity events, fancy places, big cities and events with VIPs in your area, then do it – well before you meet Mr. Millionaire.  When he does finally meet you, he will sense you belong here.

  1. Think and talk like he does, superficial doesn’t cut in.

Rich men are busy in life and they talk about “rich” things.  They will not take a huge interest in your life unless you MATCH their life.  So educate yourself on financial theory, world events, politics, business, market trends (as in high profile magazines), history, luxury living, culture, religion (if he’s religious) and so on.  He will be amazed that you can keep up with him in a deep conversation.

  1. Don’t just be the “right girl”, be a bit of a bad girl.

It would be dishonest to say that perfection will always win the heart of a millionaire.  These guys want someone who’s both mature and successful, and yet has a dangerous and exciting side.  They want great sex, they want exciting dates, and they want to feel that spontaneous romance that engages their emotions.  But at the end of the day, remember their whole life is their career, so always know when it’s time to quit goofing around and go back to being an adult.  The balance of bad girl and mature woman is a MUST if you want to date rich.


Yes, it’s not easy to meet and date a rich man.  But like any lofty goal, it’s worth pursuing once you enjoy the benefits.  Rich men are exciting, worry-free (at least when it comes to spending), and live life to its fullest.  The secret to meeting and dating rich men is to work on becoming more attractive, projecting the right energy, and determining where all the rich boys are.  Keep reading RichMenDating.net for more pointers.