Maybe you’ve tried dating men who were not interested in money or career…only to discover they weren’t compatible with your life goals.  Sure the idea of dating a man who is wealthy and successful is appealing.  But everyone knows…women who end up marrying rich men are lucky.  Right?  No!  Believe it or not, there is a way that you can proactively find rich men and exclusively date men who are wealthy, powerful, and driven for success.  You can even marry such a man if you’re able to be there for him and become his ideal wife.  Let’s consider some tips for finding these elusive bachelors.


  1. You must first embrace the lifestyle.


Rich men don’t magically come to visit dank bars and fast-food restaurants to sweep a girl off her feet!  They hang out at fancy restaurants, live events, expensive stores, high-class sports clubs and pubs, VIP nightclubs, and luxury spas.  City dwellers!  In addition, many millionaires tend to frequent golf clubs, country clubs, convention centers for business, networking events, and so on, you know, places where there are lots of other rich people.  If you want to meet a rich man, “become the lifestyle” first and then they’ll find you.


  1. Take more interest in life itself and get involved in charity work.


Plenty of men will fake being rich and hang out at nightclubs talking up a storm.  But you can find real millionaires at places that actually matter, like charity work and local events to reach out to the community.  Rich men are community-minded, they’re interested in people, helping others and being a hero.  Men who are solely interested in self-pleasure don’t tend to STAY rich.  If you want to marry a man, instead of a boy, take an interest in the world and in social causes.


  1. Work on improving your value – not just confidence but what you bring to the relationship.


Many women are looking for a rich man to take care of him.  But you must ask yourself, what are you giving him?  It has to be more than sex and beauty.  What are the skills, what are the qualities, that make you valuable?  Work on developing a better rapport with all men in general so that you can become an expert conversationalist and someone he will describe as “funny” and “charming”.  He must perceive you as a high-value woman, just as sees himself, “deserving the best.”  Once you do that, rich men will start to find you.


  1. Be a little dangerous.


Mystery, danger and exciting hobbies attract rich men.  Either start doing them, or at least giving off these vibes in conversation.  Men want to find women who are unique and who have stories to tell and fun new things to introduce them to.  Go and do exciting things and you might be surprised to find a rich man who also enjoys the same hobby.


Yes, the best way to find a rich man is to identify the location, study the setting, and then pay attention to who comes in and what stories they have to share.  Then it’s all a matter of learning what qualities he likes and giving him just that.  It’s not always easy to find wealthy men, but if you stick to bigger cities and better quality establishments, you can find them.  Yes, and also they are worth the wait!  Keep using for more advice on dating rich and successful guys.