It’s no surprise that dating a rich man is one of the top fantasies of any single woman.  Not that money is all that matters, but a rich man has some admirable qualities.  For example, stability, determination, and ambition.  Then again, having a lot of money is great too!  Of course, if you’re a woman used to dating single men who are poor, or average income, you might be surprised to know that wealthier men are more selective about the woman they date.

It might help you to understand their state of mind, what they find attractive, and what kind of relationship they’re looking for.  What do rich men want from you?  Here’s a list of qualities that most rich men think is worth more than gold.

  1. Beauty and Mystery

Men are attracted to beautiful women, no doubt.  Rich men want women who look the part, who look nearly flawless, not only in figure but also in dressing and makeup technique.  Someone who makes them look good, when you’re out together as a couple.  In addition, rich men are very impressed by women who come across as mysterious and can command the attention of others with her silence or with just a few words.  A classy woman knows how to get what she wants without nagging, begging, or causing a scene.

  1. Lifestyle Matching

Forget the Pretty Woman clichés.  A rich man needs you to be able to fit into his lifestyle of big social groups, impressing VIPs, sampling different cultures, and coming across as

classy, likable and accustomed to the finer things in life.  In addition, if you plan on starting a family, then he expects you to possess motherly skills of nurturing and home planning for the wellbeing of your children.

  1. Intelligence and Maturity

Rich men might be sexually attracted to young and silly girls…but when it comes to love, they want success.  They are successful and so they want success.  Success is not just about money or career, it also involves projecting a feeling of intelligence and maturity.  You are well read, you are skilled and knowledgeable about things he cares about.  In addition, you are not self-sabotaging.  You don’t have the desire to habitually get drunk, do drugs, and goof off in life…you are, after all, driven for success like he is.  That’s what he wants.

  1. Financial Independence

While you might be attracted to a “rich man”, and he has no problem with it, he DOES actually expect you to have your own financial independence.  If he wanted a sugar baby for sex, he would find one.  What he wants in a real relationship is a woman who works hard, is driven to be successful, (like him) and that doesn’t “need him” for money.

As you can see, rich men are not necessarily picky, but have higher self-esteem.  That means they are not desperate for a relationship but willing to wait for what they want, what they deserve, and that’s true happiness.  Focus on bettering yourself and becoming a “high value” woman that gets a rich man’s attention.  Keep reading for more advice on dating “up”.