One thing that many single people keep missing in their quest to find love and a compatible partner is that THEY must define the parameters of the relationship beforehand.  That means YOU are in charge of your own happiness and contentment.

You cannot approach dating in a haphazard way, letting the man always decide your happiness and the future of the relationship.  If you do, you will be disappointed that true love seems to evade you.  What matters is determining what you want, what qualities you cherish, and then finding a man who is compatible and has those qualities.  It’s not always romantic…but in the end, a strategic approach leads to far less heartbreak.

Remember these lessons in finding a date that suits you.

  1. You’re not looking to be swept off your feet by a man who’s the exact opposite of what you want.

This doesn’t happen in the real world very often.  Don’t wait for the perfect man to come to you and then expect him not to be selfishly motivated.  Date smarter, by identifying the qualities in a man that you want.

  1. Create high standards for yourself and DON’T deviate from them.

If you don’t like certain behavior, then don’t tolerate it.  If there are “deal breakers” apparent (either in what he does or says or simply who he is) then don’t compromise.  If a rich man senses you have no backbone, and that your standards fluctuate according to him, he’ll know you’re not “real”.  You don’t know who you are yet.

  1. Don’t take chemistry too seriously, at least in the beginning.

Don’t write off a guy immediately, just because you don’t feel an animal attraction for him.  Sometimes chemistry takes time to build, especially if it’s based on intelligence, and not just physical attraction.  In the same vein, don’t conclude that a wealthy man doesn’t like you, just because he seems reserved or unsure about you.  If he’s willing to talk and go out again, that’s something worth looking into, even if he’s not gaga yet.

  1. Improve your profile and your snappy conversation.

Finally, remember that online it’s all about being interesting in mind.  Give your profile a makeover and highlight STORIES, not just attributes.  When a man does send you a message, be witty and talk about HIM, not just yourself.  Make him feel good about himself and draw him out, asking for details at just the right moment.  Good conversation online is what can lead to a great first date in person.

Remember, there will always be guys out there who want something from you.  But you must be the one to determine what you NEED from them, and what you can GIVE them in return.  Being self-aware of your own needs will help you to filter out the wrong kind of guys but spend more time getting to know the right ones – the successful and wealthy men that are real-life heroes.  Find out more by reading us at