This might seem like a confusing question, especially if you’ve always just seemed to attract men naturally.  Maybe you were not even aware that you could attract rich men, poor men, or anything in between.  You can, however, and depending on your appearance and projection, you can attract rich men and have the choice of dating or even marrying someone worth millions.  The question is, what can you do to change your projection?  How do you encourage more rich men to look at you?  How do rich men chase women differently than poor or average-income men, anyway?  Let’s consider a few points.

  1. You’re not just pretty, you’re beautiful.

Whereas most women can get the attention of men, flaws and all, rich men tend to have a type: near physical perfection, with special attention to dress, fashion, makeup, and accessories.  A high-value woman (someone who wants to be perceived as exceptionally beautiful) will go the extra mile to look better than average by focusing on details.  This is the first way to get any man’s attention, poor or rich.  You don’t have to have the same face as Jennifer Lawrence, but you should have Jennifer’s beauty routine.

  1. You’re not just smart, you’re educated.

Whereas many women are smart and open-minded, only some unique women have a high intellect and a career-focused approach to life.  Rich men are usually curious about your career, hobbies, your college education, and what causes you’re interested in.  This shows ambition and he admires that.

  1. You would make a great wife, not just a great lover.

Sex isn’t that hard to find for a rich man.  A good home planner, however, a good wife, a good mother, these are the qualities that are hard to find.  Rich men want serious relationships so they can start a family.  This might mean cooking skills, household management, financial skills, and other skills that he finds valuable.

  1. You have high standards, not just high expectations.

It’s not enough that you have high expectations.  He can certainly live up to that.  What a rich man finds truly impressive are high standards, high values, and high morals.  You have high standards that you live up to personally and professionally.  You’re a hard worker, you’re honest and you’re driven to be successful in business, but compassionate to others.  You expect the same from a partner because you do not compromise your ideas.  This is important to remember because many women make the mistake of being too flexible or too subservient to a rich man…and then surprise, he gets bored of them fast!

As we learn, single women attract rich men not because they’re weak or subservient but because they’re strong, confident, and match the lifestyle of a rich man.  If you want to marry into money, you must not just “look the part”, you must be that kind of woman, someone who deserves the nicer things in life, someone who earns respect, someone who is worth millions, just like her husband is.  Keep browsing for more advice on dating rich men.